Wooler / Alnwick / Blyth Social Run

Last Tuesday (5th September), about 25-30 runners from these 3 clubs met at The Ponds for our annual social run.  Unfortunately the local midge population had detected ‘fresh blood’ and come out in force so we headed off promptly out towards Broadstruther on the Chevy Chase route.  Shortly before Broadstruther we turned right and ran up to Kenny’s Crag (named by us a few years ago on Kenny Young’s 50th birthday).  Our timing was perfect as the sun was just setting over the hills, but the photos didn’t come out too well.  From here we dropped down to the cattle grid on the track to Commonburn and followed the track / road back to The Ponds as the light was fading.  Once again, the weather had treated us well and shown off our patch in its best light.  Afterwards we all headed to The Angel for chips, sandwiches and a few drinks.


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